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The Federation renewed the graphics on its website during the 22nd International Congress of the Un.Foe.Prae in Seville to include many new features such as a page dedicated to each association with a photo gallery and a section dedicated to museum venues and temporary exhibitions.

It also provides the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter to receive a preview of all news concerning the federation.


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of its foundation, the Universalis Foederatio Praesepistica organises an online crib meeting at world-wide level!

The Chairperson of Un.Foe.Prae. and the heads of the various Associations that are part of our Federation will meet to tell and get to know the history and crèche traditions of their respective countries. It will be a time of joy, sharing and confrontation with Friends of the Crib from all over the world.

The first of its kind exceptional event. Interpreters will be present for the various languages: Italian, German, English and Spanish.


Today, October 31, 2022, is a very important day for us members of Un.Foe.Prae and for all crèche lovers. Our Chairperson, Albert Català, had an audience with Pope Francis as the official start of the 800th anniversary of the first nativity scene in Greccio. We presented the Pope with the diploma and medals from our last congress held in Aachen in January 2020. Surely this day will be remembered with much excitement and pleasure for years to come.