Universalis Fœderatio Præsepistica

International Friends of the Crib Federation

On May 31, 1952, the representatives of seven crèche associations in Barcelona founded the international association under the name UN-FOE-PRAE (Universalis Foederatio Praesepistica).

Today, its 21 organisations in Europe, America, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil aim to preserve and promote the Crèche tradition worldwide.

The purpose of the Federation is to nurture, promote and disseminate the crèche tradition, respecting the cultural and artistic diversity of this tradition on a global level.

The mission of the Federation is:
• Promoting the creation of new national associations dedicated to the Crib
• Organising International Congresses dedicated to this tradition
• Promoting connections between friends of the crib from all over the world
• Having the Crèche recognised as a UNESCO intangible heritage site